about us


Think Planners specialises in the “up front” component of the development cycle. We have outstanding experience in gaining development approval and rezoning of land across many project types including rural, tourist, significant mixed use developments, commercial towers, residential towers, retail, industrial, green field subdivision, brown field redevelopment, aged care developments, heritage, archaeological, residential and master planning.

Think Planners is based in Western Sydney and focuses its business on Western Sydney projects and local government areas.  Think Planners has established excellent relationships and a strong understanding of local government in the region.

The Directors of Think Planners foundations are in town planning (Australian and European experience), which has been built upon by years of experience in the delivery of approvals to significant projects. Our core expertise is managing a project from inception, through design and obtaining development consent. We also specialise in Planning Proposals that deliver changes to planning controls for individual sites or a precinct, resulting in improved development potential and outcomes. Think Planners has a strong network of colleagues, consultants and experts to call upon when necessary for any development project.


Working With Us

Think Planners takes an active hands on approach with development projects. We understand the commercial reality of project delivery and work closely with proponents to achieve timely, cost effective, well designed projects.  We understand that the role of a town planning firm is not to simply write a report, but to assist in examining development potential, advocating for a great outcome and staying connected from lodgement to approval.


Difficult Projects

Think Planners is well accustomed to dealing with individual or peculiar projects and has experience in sites with Aboriginal and European archaeology requiring archaeological excavation, European heritage, site contamination, environmental constraints (flora, fauna, water courses), complex mixed use and CBD sites, and land with multiple layers of planning controls.