Sean Riddell

Project Manager


Sean is an aspiring Town Planning trainee who has completed his High School certificate in 2015 at Model Farms High School. Sean has always had an interest in town planning, and after graduating from high school, he took the steps towards attaining his goal of entering the field of town planning by undertaking a traineeship with Think Planners and is also commencing his bachelor’s degree in ‘Urban Planning’ at Macquarie University in the Summer of 2017.

Since commencing work, Sean has quickly gained experience and knowledge in relation to Town Planning, and within a few months has expanded his skills from administrative work with a basic knowledge of Town Planning, to completing Statements of Environmental Effects, Planning summaries and submitting Development Applications to council, whilst greatly expanding his understanding of Town Planning and what it consists of.

In my short time at Think Planners, I have attended DEAP meetings, court appeals, JRPP meetings, pre da meeting with multiple Sydney councils, planning conferences hosted by western Sydney business chamber of commerce. I have experienced the impact played by a holistic town planning firm playing a key role in positively shaping the Urban environment of Western Sydney.


Outside of work Sean greatly enjoys football. Sean is a proud supporter of his local team The Western Sydney Wanderers, having a membership with the club for 4 years. Sean also enjoys playing football, having a run around every Saturday for Norwest FC.